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Q  - Are your books translated to other languages than English ?

“What Are You Doing Today Mother Nature?”, written by Lucy Brownridge, illustrated by Margaux Samson-Abadie, published by Quarto’s Wide Eyed Editions, 2022 is translated to the following languages:

  • Castilian (Spanish) / castellà: ¿Con qué nos sorprenderás hoy, Madre Naturaleza?, published by Blume, 01/10/2023

  • Catalan / catalàn: Amb què ens sorprendràs avui, Mare Natura? published by Blume, 01/10/2023

  • Czech / čeština: Roční období naší matky přírody, published by Drobek, 31/08/2023

  • Dutch / nederlands: Vandaag, ergens op Aarde, published by Lemniscaat, 06/12/2022

  • Estonian / eestlane: Mis sa täna teed, emake loodus?, published by Sinisukk, 04/10/2022

  • French / français: Que fais-tu aujourd’hui Dame Nature?, published by 1, 2, 3 Soleil, 14/10/2022

  • German / Deutsch: Durch Das Jahr mit de Natur, published by Ravensburger, 01/02/2024

  • Romanian / română: Cartea anotimpurilor : o călătorie prin natura fascinantă a lumii, published by Didactica Publishing House, 2023?

  • Slovenian / slovenščina: Kaj počneš danes, Narava?, published by Jezero : Morfemplus, 2023?

“Round & Round Goes Mother Nature?”, written by Gabby Dawnay, illustrated by Margaux Samson-Abadie, published by Quarto’s Wide Eyed Editions, 2023 is translated to the following languages:

  • Dutch / nederlands: Elke einde is een nieuw begin, published by Lemniscaat, 2023

  • German / Deutsch: Der Lauf der Natur, published by Prestel, 2024

  • Hungarian: Körbeforgó szép természet, published by Babilon, 2024

  • Spanish: La magia de la naturalezapublished by Contrapunto (Chile), 2024

  • Romanian: Ciclul vietii - O calatorie despre evolutia naturii, published by Didactica Publishing House, 2024

Q  - What's your shop's refund and return policy?

THE ARTICLES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE & I CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS, SORRY! I am just a one person business and cannot take the responsibility for any neglect of the postal service. However, I will send you a replacement at my own cost if an article worth above 35€ is very damaged. Just contact me with photo proofs.

Q  - Is there a tracking number for my order?

All orders are send with a tracked shipment. I send the orders via La Poste, the national French postal service. Once your order will be sent you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. Your order will be tracked until you receive it for France, French territories and following countries: Germany, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Canada, Korea, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, USA, Finland, Gibraltar, UK, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liban, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malt, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapour, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand. IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY THE ORDER WILL BE TRACKED ONLY UNTIL ARRIVING TO THE FRENCH BORDER. 

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